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  • ‘Strong Roots, Wise Owls’ promotes love of reading
    To promote early literacy and spark a love for reading, Holy Family School librarian Tamara Beecroft introduced the “Strong Roots, Wise Owls” reading challenge to pre-K and kindergarten students and their parents in November.
  • Lives at stake
    Measure 101 isn’t perfect but it’s much better than putting the health care of more than 200,000 Oregonians at risk.
Schools plan
The Archdiocese of Portland plans to respond to growth in suburban Portland with new parishes and schools. Meanwhile, parishes will be urged to invite public school students in catechism classes to consider Catholic education. And while tuition may rise, financial aid will abound all the more, even for middle class families. Those were key revelations during a Jan. 20 meeting of 100 western Oregon Catholic pastors and school administrators.
Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally
Supporters of Oregon Right to Life gathered today at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Among those who spoke was Archbishop Alexander K. Sample.
Clatskanie centennial
CLATSKANIE — The prayer of Father Mark Gikenyi and Catholics in this Columbia River town is that a century from now, St. John the Baptist Mission still will be here.
Festival of Lights
Portland's Grotto is the place where families get into the Christmas spirit. See these stunning images of the Festival of Lights.
St. Anthony severe weather shelter
On this night, Graham Pezold gets a break from his damp hell. St. Anthony Parish in Tigard, Oregon, opened its severe weather shelter. Located in a cozy basement meeting room, it welcomes guests every Saturday during the winter and on other days if the temperature or wind chill drop or rain gets torrential.
  • The Greatest Christmas Gift
    I have always been struck by a very simple dialog that takes place at the beginning of the Church’s liturgy for admitting a person to the Order of the Catechumens in preparation for adult baptism.
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