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  • Lives at stake
    Measure 101 isn’t perfect but it’s much better than putting the health care of more than 200,000 Oregonians at risk.
  • Noble work

    I was at a wedding at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Lake Oswego last month. I picked up a copy of the Catholic Sentinel. You folks put out a great Catholic newspaper.

  • Aid or eject those who put partisanship over faith

    Unfortunately, these descriptors have been hijacked by a significant number of people who believe the end justifies the means and have clearly demonstrated they will accept sinful behavior by people willing to advance their agenda.

  • More leeway

    Concerning Judas Iscariot and eternal life, it seems there is more leeway/interpretation in the rules of mortal sin and damnation than when I grew up 60 years ago. Back then, eating meat on Friday was a sin.

    Regarding the comment that people who commit suicide may not have full responsibility, doesn’t this apply to most, if not all, suicides? How many people say to themselves, “I am going to kill myself primarily because I want to offend God and know by such action I will be so offending him and am fully consenting to this serious action”? — the three qualifications in the Baltimore Catechism.

  • Big implications
    On Dec. 17, I was walking a friend’s dog. As we rounded a building with a handicap ramp hidden by bushes, she walked into the darkness, stopped, and looked back at me. She wouldn’t budge. 
  • Series inspired me
    Often I will re-read these articles and recall what the writers offered so eruditely on this profound subject: Faith and science are of truth, God’s truth of creation.
  • Boosted my soul
    I want to thank Archbishop Sample for stating in a very public way that we, like Protestants, desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Way to go, Joe
    Joe Weston’s generosity and no-nonsense approach to giving back epitomizes Catholic education.
  • Pray for souls

    How many poor souls are still in purgatory because people just assume they’re in heaven?

  • Wrong theologian
    I made a mistake in referring to Father Raymond Brown. The name should have been Cardinal Avery Dulles.
  • Boon, not disaster

    The reformed federal tax plan would be a boon – not a disaster – for low-income Catholic students.

    The main reason is something De La Salle North Cathlic officials and the Sentinel omitted: the reform would double the basic family deduction to $24,000 from $12,000.

  • It’s the same old flawed environmental movement

    What about this face is new? I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing — trying to decrease my family’s contribution to pollution, teaching my kids about proper stewardship of the Earth and her resources, and encouraging others to do the same.

  • Bravo, Joe
    Mr. Weston, you will only know in heaven the impact of your generosity.
  • It makes sense
    Why even bother with the paid deniers and front groups who thrive by creating a false climate debate?
  • Jesus shows us
    I propose that all Jesus’ teachings show us the mind of God.
  • I am certain he is the humble, spiritual man I knew
    I remember him as a quiet, humble, and spiritual person who never said anything unkind about anyone.  Although I never saw him after this time, I am certain he is this way even today.
  •   November's Poor-Souls Sky
    Gazing upward in awe at the early cold November sky,

    As time and days are getting shorter in the light of life.

  • From the Archives
    No later than last week some gospel gosling with more feathers than brains tells the readers of the Churchman magazine that “it is no wonder the church of Rome desires to prevent the study of the Bible by her people.”
  • It’s about justice

    Some of the views expressed in the Sentinel on capital punishment have me concerned. From Catholic school and the Bible study, I was taught that the death penalty is not only or primarily about protecting innocent life but about justice for the victim and society.

  • It’s a win-win
    The deferred charitable annuity is the everyday earner’s answer to leaving a “Legacy of Faith” and ensuring a retirement nest egg.
  • Really cares?
    Merkley supports unfettered abortion and legislation aimed to keep anti-abortion demonstrators away from abortion clinics. When he speaks of being caring can he really be believed?

  • Trust fund does it
    The Archdiocese of Portland does not lend money to parishes. In mid-2009, the Parish Funds Trust was established as a business trust operating in the state of Oregon.
  • It’s the reverence
    After much consideration I think the “content, reverence, and ritual” in the Extraordinary Form outweighs the Latin.
  • Too lenient
    He took a snippet of truth — one Democrat representative letting pro-life candidates use his committee’s money, not to increase pro-life elected officials, but to stanch the decreasing numbers of elected Democrats — and presented it as a good.
  • Great map
    I especially appreciated the addition of the map of Portland parishes on pages 34 and 35.
  • Prayer changes us

    The purpose of prayer is not to change God’s mind, but to let God’s mind change our life. Jesus taught us the perfect prayer: “Our Father, …your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

  • Include context
    Gollum, of course, met his proper end, death, as his sins required.
  • She influenced me
    Much of my Catholic formation and religious learning and catechism came from Sister Clare when she headed the religious education (CCD) at St. Edward in North Plains.
  • It helps us heal
    Making peace with the church, whether or not we can return, helps heal.
  • Beware: Information being gathered on immigrants
    The Department of Homeland Security is taking steps to collect social media information from immigrants, including naturalized citizens living in Oregon.
  • Uniforms help

    When I went to a Catholic high school I was required to wear a uniform. This made all of us, rich or poor, look pretty much the same.

  • Likes vernacular
    Since Vatican II, we have been encouraged to respond in our own language, using words we understand and can pronounce properly.
  • Irish there first

    The assertion that Tillamook’s early settlers were predominantly Swiss is incorrect.

  • Important stories

    We are especially indebted to the Catholic Sentinel for articles written by managing editor Ed Langlois and reporter Katie Scott who, relating with receptive hearts, understanding minds and responsive will, covered the curse of sexual child abuse by erring clergy who brought shame and ruin to the church, especially the faithful clergy who, ever after, suffered from their brothers’ sins.

  • Secretaries rule

    You captured the hectic, but rewarding, positions they hold.

  • Buy faithfully
    Our faith asks us to respect the dignity of work, to respect God’s people and to care for God’s creation. We all need stuff, but as we make purchases, we need to consider all the effects it will have.
  • Not pandering
    So, a liturgy that is in the vernacular, with the priest facing the congregation — that is pandering? This is an idea I find really offensive.
  • Media don’t help
    Not only are our young people not becoming priests and religious, for some reason they only hear the call to hook up, shack up, apostatize.
  • ‘Notable battle’
    One of Ara Parseghian’s most notable battles, far surpassing football, began in 1994. That was the year three of his four grandchildren were diagnosed with a fatal disease.
  • He is aware
    More than we want to admit, there is a brain behind the bigot.
  • We as American, lay, priests, religious — all are obliged to stop, to think, to speak out against this unacceptable manifestation, this cruel manipulation.

  • You gave this conference only two-thirds of a page of coverage, compared to a breathless four-fifths of a page for a non-Catholic solar eclipse fad.
  • I can do friendly without acceptance but I won’t surrender the truth of my beliefs.
  • Interesting book
    A guest of the Holy Names sisters at Marylhurst, she has made available a book about the Little Sisters’ founder, Mother Camelia Lohier. This biography was translated from French with the help of Holy Names Sister Rita Rose Vistica. Mother Camelia is being considered for beatification.
  • My mentor
    When I was a student at Central Catholic High School, he taught me to see the world as truly a work of God as Artist.
  •  We don't yet know whether we are in a permanent period of global warming
    Recent events prove nothing about climate change, because changes in climate occur over a much longer time frame than seasonal or yearly events.
  • End this curse
    Our society is transforming from a culture of life into a culture of death.
  • No nuance here
    The black prisoners will view him in a different light, especially the Muslims. In this place, there is no nuance.
  • We are a shining light
    Our president does care about the common good, but places the importance of our nation over global governance, as he should.
  • Good may come
    Would we have had Mary on our minds and in our conversations had she not been vandalized?
  • Address miracle
    The talk about human sexuality must speak of the procreative miracle.
  • Demand proof
    The terms of the Paris accord discriminated against the United States, and few elected officials would endorse this one-sided agreement.
  • Spiritual support
    Although he has a degree in history, Dominican Father Dismas Sayre somehow wound up being computer tech support at the library of a major state university. He got the reputation of being the go-to person for solving computer glitches.
  • We must fight for our children

    I am, like many French citizens, an admirer of Pope Francis and I support the editorial on why America should rejoin the Paris Accord on climate change.

  • President acted within principles
    No magisterial teaching depends upon the consensual self-interests of international assemblies.
  • Care for creation an aspect of reverence for Word
    Christianity is special because of its revelation that God is love — that he gave away his Word not only to create creation but also to save it.
  • Not solid science

    This editorial errs, as does ‘Laudato Si’, by presuming the claim that climate change is caused by man-made gases is based on solid science. It is not. None of the alarmist predictions based on this premise have happened. The earth has been warming irregularly since the last ice age.

  • They helped me
    Not only did I get paid. A lawyer in my church represented me in a lawsuit for 25 percent and I got $2,000 in back pay.
  • You disrespected President Trump and the office
    I have to see such things in the secular newspapers but please not in our Catholic papers. We are better than that.
  • Only the violent
    The Trump administration should continue deporting those who commit violent crimes and leave peaceful immigrants alone.
  • Leaving Paris accord is indeed against Christian teaching
    Mr. Langlois is spot on that withdrawing from an international effort to protect future generations from this one is against basic Christian/Catholic teaching.
  • These “Chicken Little Alarmists” have an agenda to control us, tax us and redistribute our wealth.  
  • Encyclical 'nonsensical'
    The Catholic Church and Pope Francis need to stop touting this nonsensical climate encyclical that is grounded in falsified scientific concepts and extreme left wing politics.
  • I remember them
    Msgr. Tim Murphy recalls the men with whom he was ordained 50 years ago.
  • It takes courage
    I encounter on a daily basis immigrants — documented and undocumented — who, despite their traumatic journey to come to the United States, manage to smile and give thanks to God.
  • Truth may hurt

    Thank you, Father, for reminding us that “Practicing self-truth spills over into our work, family, government and church, generating the strength needed to fight today’s falsehoods and dishonesties.”

  • Thanks for help
    I hope everyone took time on our most sacred non-religious day to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live in peace.
  • At least Pope Francis demonstrated class during President Trump’s visit, as compared to your introduction of a bogus sanctuary issue in a cartoon.
  • Equally heroic
    Instead of acknowledging our call as human beings to help one another, you call out only the known Christian and set him apart.
  • Be thorough
    Islam is a religion of all ethnicities, so being antagonistic toward Muslims doesn’t make him a racist, it makes him a bigot and a hateful person. Nuance means something. Please be more thorough.
  • You are blessed
    I miss them dearly. Portland is truly blessed.
  • A gentle pastor
    He was a kind and gentle pastor with a great sense of humor.
  • In face of vocations crisis, we need biblical realism
    We could as a parish observe the Ember Days, which were three days set aside for prayer and fasting for priests at the beginning of every season.
  • Tips for parents

    On the blog New Liturgical Movement, Peter Kwasniewski lamented what he termed “spiritual illiteracy” among many Catholics. Who can argue? I think most Catholics, myself included, feel they have an inadequate knowledge of the faith.

  • The archives!
    Then it hit me: the Catholic Sentinel archives. This vast database of Oregon Catholic history, online and searchable, right at my fingertips.
  • Now it's up to us
    The website is very well done with plenty of interesting articles and helpful resources. Now it is up to the rest of us to use the resources to carry out the mission of this center.
  • Why have we forgotten how early Christians loved?
    In the last four years we have heard the constant drumbeat from Pope Francis to go out to those in need, those on the fringes, and to be with them to help in ways that maintain human dignity. We seem to be nowhere near meeting the need.
  • Big picture view
    It is a big-picture view of Catholic education in a rapidly changing environment. Nicely done.
  • Answer this
    I would like to ask Mr. Hawking three questions from a scientific standpoint.
  • Weary of it
    As a Catholic, I am tired of racial profiling.
  • Praying for offender is a vital part of forgiveness
    Sooner or later, everyone who struggles seriously with un-forgiveness will realize — as Heather Renshaw came to realize — that forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling.
  • Superb archives
    I compliment you on your website’s archive section. It is amazing.
  • "The Shack" opens hearts
    We are in “field hospital” times, and have to first stop the bleeding. The movie opens our hearts to God’s love.
  • Sanctuary might mean asylum
    Accompaniment as described in the document is an essential part of our responsibility to undocumented persons, especially those who are members of our congregations. However, offering asylum may become necessary to protect families and individuals from forced deportation.
  • Like a daffodil

    The passing of my dear friend Sister Teresa Mitchell at the Carmel in Eugene leaves the world a darker place. She always reminded me of one of my favorite flowers, the daffodil — a bright and cheerful spot in the gray cold of spring.

  • Leave it to God
    They can choose to follow Jesus’s words in Matthew 7:12 and provide the best service they can and leave the judging up to God.
  • New school act?
    As the Affordable Care Act brought millions into health care insurance, possibly another move forward could be made in education by enacting an Affordable School Act.
  • The cruelest laws
    Oregon has the cruelest abortion laws in America. We do have a majority leader in the Oregon House of Representatives who can make a difference.
  • Aid public schools
    Public education is a civic duty. Private education is a parental choice.
  • Your newspaper expresses why I'm a Catholic
    Your publication really is a place of mental and spiritual refuge — a special blessing for us in prison. Joy! Hope! Mercy! Love! Faith! Compassion! Acceptance! Forgiveness!
  • Door is not shut
    I think we should give President Trump’s administration the benefit of the doubt regarding a pause on immigration from countries producing the most unbalanced individuals wielding knives — and bombs.
  • Fix schools, don't abandon them
    I have a child enrolled in Catholic school. It was a choice my wife and I made based on our experience as children and our desire to have our child surrounded by the Catholic faith. However, I in no way want to take public funds away from public schools.
  • Enough 'me first'

    We can argue that being a good Christian is all about getting to the next life and attaining salvation. Yet, Jesus clearly focused on how we treat each other in this life.

  • We miss him
    He was so welcoming, never too busy to give us a welcome hug.
  • Use some sense
    The abandonment of common sense is not an American value in seeking justice and liberty for the citizens of both America and of Mexico.
  • Where was the warrant?
    If, as the article states, he was punished “for propagating a theory with insufficient proof,” where was the church’s warrant for jailing people for the crime of bad science?
  • Church and science go together
    Thank you for quoting Brother Louis de Montfort Nguyen, a monk scientist who teaches a course at Mount Angel Seminary on faith and science: “The Catholic Church isn’t in any way against science.”